Giveaway: Win A Camera Case, Strap and Cleaner

We're celebrating big changes and a new design--so we're celebrating by giving away a camera bag full of accessories!

A good camera always needs a good camera bag—sort of like a great camera website needs a great site design! We've updated our look, expanded our review process and planned big things for the future; now it's time to celebrate. Our website has been repackaged—so we're giving away a way to repackage your camera with a sleek new camera bag.

Thanks to our friends and contest sponsor LoveCases, we're giving away a versatile and roomy Daytour 180 2-Side Loader Backpack, a Toma Genuine Leather Camera Wrist Strap and a Muc-Off Home & Go Screen Cleaning Kit. But exactly what do you get with these products? We put them through a quick test to see just what these accessories are made of—here's what we discovered.

Hama Daytour 180 DSLR Backpack Review

The Hama Daytour 180 is not your typical camera backpack. The main access to all the gear inside isn't in the front—the entire back section unzips to give you access to every compartment. For faster access, there's a zipper at the top, right where the SLR is designed to fit with an attached lens, ready to shoot. You can grab your camera out from here without taking the entire pack off, just slide one strap off or wear it in the front instead. Memory cards, cleaning cloths and anything else you stash in the top accessory pocket is also quickly available through this compartment.

While the design may sound a little odd, it works really well. It's about the size of my current DSLR backpack, yet I could fit about twice as many lenses and accessories inside just from the way the bag is laid out. The camera with one attached lens sits up near the top, while there are seven fully padded pockets for additional lenses and flashes.

Speaking of pockets, this bag certainly has plenty of them. One of my favorite parts is the memory card pockets near the quick access openings—they're labeled red and green so you can keep track of what cards are used and which ones are empty. There are similar pockets for full and empty batteries, plus a filter pocket and a cleaning cloth pocket with the cloth included. For the accessories that don't fit in one of those dedicated spots, there's a large mesh pocket. Outside the bag, two side pockets offer even more storage—they're a good size for holding things like your keys and cell phone and a small water bottle.

The front of the backpack also has a tripod strap—I loved not having to carry my tripod to keep my hands free, but it does add a significant amount of weight if you don't have an ultra light tripod. The exterior of the bag is solid—the sides are rigid and hard, offering quite a bit of shock protection to the gear inside. The bottom is textured and feels even tougher than the rest of the bag, so putting it on the ground shouldn't be a problem. A rain cover is tucked into the back and stretches over the entire front of the bag.

To top it all off, the Daytour 180 includes breathable back cushions and solid, wide straps. A waist strap adds extra support. The chest strap at the top keeps the straps from rubbing against your skin if you happen to be wearing a tank top. Overall, I really enjoyed testing out this bag. It kept my gear safe and I had plenty of room to carry everything I needed. Access to my camera was quick and easy and it was comfortable to wear too. Camera bags with features like tripod straps, rain covers and enough space for a DSLR and eight lenses can get quite pricey, but LoveCases sells this bag for under $100.

Toma Genuine Leather Wrist Camera Strap Review

*Camera not included

I've never been a big fan of the straps included with your camera. They're often uncomfortable and never stylish. Needless to say, I was quite interested in trying out the Toma leather wrist strap.

The strap is made with a beautiful brown leather with cushions on both sides. The Toma strap hugged my wrist, and despite my initial concern about wearing a large extended zoom camera on my wrist, it was never uncomfortable. The strap feels quite durable, and while I wasn't able to test it out for very long, I felt confident the strap was keeping the camera secure on my wrist. Really, my only complaint with the strap is true of any product made from leather—there is a break-in period. But while stiff at first, it still wasn't uncomfortable and looks like it will break-in easily.

Where the strap attaches to the camera is about 1/3 of an inch thick, so if your camera has a tiny slot for attaching a strap, this one won't work, but for DSLRs, extended zoom cameras and most mirrorless cameras, the Toma leather strap will work well. For about $25 dollars from LoveCases, it's an excellent buy.

We're combining these two great products, plus the Muc-Off kit to help keep your gear clean, into one giveaway.

If you can't wait or don't happen to win, all three of these products are available through LoveCases, as well as an assortment of many other camera cases, including those designed to wrap around specific camera models. Shipping is available worldwide and our order to the U.S. took only a matter of days.


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