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Hillary Grigonis

Hi -- thanks for the comment! On anything labeled "brief review" we preview the camera based on the previous versions and the technical specifications. That means, unfortunately, that we haven't yet tested the autofocus on this model.

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does it create problem in video shooting, related to auto focus as i come to know that the auto focus is very slow in video shooting.

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I agree that many of the inexpensive digital cameras can run off of AAs. You also said that Lithium-Ions are the most common type of digital camera battery. I think it's important to choose a camera battery that also comes with the charger so that...

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You didn't mention that it doesn't have a mechanical focus; together with the poor AF the P610/P510 had (especially in video, high zoom), it seems that lack of mechanical focus here is a real pain. Did you test the AF?

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Hi Valent! Unfortunately, we haven't received a hands-on review unit of this camera yet -- we base these previews on a camera's reputation and technical specifications. The capabilities of the vibration reduction system are something that we'd nee...

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Much Appreciate! Very Helpful Article. Check out Post-Processing Tips http://bit.ly/2gTtFsR & Help for Beginners.

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Is vibration reduction (VR) really rubbish on Nikon B700 when compared to previous model Nikon P610 as this Amazon reviewer clamims it is: https://www.amazon.com/review/R25V3P0VQYCN36/ref=cm_cr_dp_title?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B01C3LE44G&channel=detail-glan...

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I have two Nikon cameras with Wi-Fi. P600 and S9500. When I try to use the Nikon App to download photos it constantly freezes up. Is there another App I can use that will work better?

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Hi Hillary, Can I add that I have since taken 200+ photos with the Nikon A900 in six days including internal lecture photos with and without flash, sunrise and sunsets, airport shots under the apron lighting, flower and other close ups, building ...

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