Does this camera have a quick shutter speed? I have young children that are always on the go and I want to be able to focus on them moving without the blurr. I also want to be able to hit the button back to back for multiple pictures seconds apart...

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In proper lighting, this camera should be able to freeze the action pretty well. Plus it does have the continuous burst mode to take several pictures quickly.

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Chuck Parker

If you're wanting to freeze action with a quick shutter speed, go into the menu and choose the sports mode (a person running is the icon). This mode will shoot in faster shutter speeds than normal, but may cut down on your depth-of-field somewhat,...

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Comparing to the SX270/280. I know they've up-graded the battery (by about 60mA - a fat lot of good it seems) Will it have the same battery issue when taking videos? This is what many people will be wondering and if the sales will be slow start...

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Maiya Marvin

These images are so cute! Thanks for the helpful article. I'll try it with my girls.

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Thank you, for an honest review. After spending hours looking, this is the first one that didn't seem to have a hidden agenda (sell other brands). It is refreshing to hear from someone who actually read and understood the manual. Thanks again f...

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I was just checking my pics and the camera went off without closing its its not opening. i have tried to charge and then also camera is not opening please help me!

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Hillary Grigonis

It sounds like there is a lens error--perhaps something is stuck in the lens barrel or the lens was nudged slightly out of place. There's a few things you can try, listed in this article:

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Excellent job Hillary …as usual for you! … Joe Prete

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Thanks, Joe!

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