Best Budget Digital Cameras

Ah yes, curiosity has gotten the better of you and here you are, among the dredges of the digital camera market. Below you’ll find the cheapest deals on DigitalCamera-HQ, a hodgepodge of older discounted cameras and new budget models. Many of the offerings on show here aren’t worth a second look, but there tend to be a couple diamonds in the rough that make a passing peruse worthwhile.

Before you buy a budget camera, look at the models that are a few years old--often, you can find more features for a reasonable price just becuase the camera has been replaced by a slighlty better version. Camera manufacturers push out new lineups every single year, often with only minor upgrades, so phased-out models can represent a real steal without much sacrifice. Whatever you decide on, absolutely check our rating for any real problems before checking out--many budget cams won't get you anything better than your smartphone. Here's the best budget digital cameras for under $300.